Mike Breslin has published five books, three novels: Faster than the Bullet (Pie Shop Publishing 2020), Pieces of Silver (Pie Shop Publishing 2014) and The Unfair Advantage, (Rough Diamond 2000), and two works of non-fiction, Road Trip:a Practical Manual (Haynes 2020) and The Track Day Manual (Haynes 2008). Scroll down the page for some reviews. 


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Praise for Faster than the Bullet



“Breslin has come up with a winner  a thriller with more surprise twists than the Futa and Raticosa passes.” 




“Before I even explain why, I am going to tell you that the latest novel by sometime motor racer and journalist, Mike Breslin, is my ‘Novel of the Year’ and for incredibly good reasons. The last time I reviewed a Breslin novel was with 2014’s ‘Pieces of Silver’, which was utterly engaging in its content. Yet, my most recent review was of his wondrously Walpoling ‘Road Trip: A Practical Manual’ that offered hands-on advice for any one of 50 proposed road trips around the world. Great fun!  This time, Breslin has combined his love of motor racing, notably from the Argentinian and Italian scenes of the 1950s, with a WW2 story that commences in Poland but involves time spent by the book’s ‘anti-hero’ (Ingo Six) in Russia. It is an extraordinary tale about a young soldier, roped into wartime exploits, none of which is particularly glorious, one of which becomes a tragic secret, from which he does his level best to escape. However, he is pursued in the post-war period and needs to balance his prodigious talents at the controls of a racing car, with a need to remain away out of public glare as much as possible. I love the way in which Breslin involves his reader in every, excitingly nuanced element of the subject’s life ...” 

Business Money



I strongly recommend Faster than the Bullet, not least because I can perceive its movie potential.”



“I can highly recommend Faster than the Bullet. [It] is action-packed and fast-paced and keeps the reader fully engaged with enough intrigue to ensure you turn to the next page; it is also historically very informative and highly descriptive both about momentous events of the second world war and post war motor sport ... ” 

Chris Adamson, Guild of Motoring Writers






Praise for Road Trip


“If you are thinking of making an epic road trip your next big holiday adventure, the latest Haynes publication has to be your starting point. That's because Road Trip, A Practical Manual is packed with expert pragmatic advice as well as details of 50 routes from right around the globe ... [Breslin's] enthusiasm shines through for readers as he fuses valuable information with inspirational anecdotes and hard-earned tips from road trips he has made on six continents.” 

Daily Record



“It’s a good book, mixing practical advice with inspiration, all conveyed in an agreeably chatty, conversational tone ... The book starts with a chunk of general advice on planning and preparation, addressed in a breezy and cheerful manner ... And then into the meat of the book: continent by continent, focusing on a handful of specific trips, generally loops do-able during a fortnight’s holiday, some longer, some much shorter. Route 66, Highway One, Anatolia, the High Atlas, South Africa’s Garden Route, these are all present and correct along with some less obvious journeys.

I’ve done a few of these trips myself, or routes that overlap with Breslin’s, and very much share his take on road trips: the driving can be great, the scenery glorious, the food a revelation – but what’s best is when you stop and meet people. And if that’s because you’ve got a puncture or have run out of fuel, that so often brings out the best in people.

Car Magazine



“Haynes excellent new Road Trip Manual is packed with inspiration and expert advice for organising and driving road trips abroad.” 

Classic Ford



Praise for Pieces of Silver


“The story develops at a cracking pace and the mix of
characters, historical and technical facts combine to provide a compelling read.

Classic Car Weekly


“Its an enjoyable page-turner ... Breslins enthusiasm for his story is genuinely engaging and you soon find yourself wanting to know what happens next to his colourfully drawn characters.  

Motor Sport




Praise for The Track Day Manual


“Haynes latest offering is not the first book to offer tips on how to get the most out of the [track day] experience. It is one of the best though.”



“This brilliant new book is an ideal way to find out what’s involved with a track day before taking the plunge … Author Mike Breslin conveys the information in an authoritative but not patronising way, and it makes for an entertaining read whether you’re on a cover to cover marathon or just dipping in and out … It’s certainly at risk of being the most thumbed book in the CKC office!’

Complete Kit Car


“This instructive book is very informative and deals with every area of getting on the circuit, from prepping your car to driving techniques … The manual is entertainingly written, well illustrated and easy to follow.”



“Mike Breslin, a former Formula Ford racer, has written this extremely accessible and colourful guide that’s aimed at total novices yet has enough detail to be useful for those who already have experience.”



“There’s all the advice you need, including how to start and where to go, how to drive and info on track-specific tuning, wet weather racing [sic] and other disciplines [that] have a relevance to safer road driving, too.”

Yorkshire Post


“The knowledgeable text, supported by over 200 colour photographs and diagrams, provides everything the complete novice needs to know, yet is also sufficiently detailed to appeal to the vast numbers already involved in the track day scene …”

Wigan Reporter


“Covering everything from the basics to driving techniques and car modifications, this is a great book for anyone thinking of getting in to track days.”



The Track Day Manual by motoring journo and former Formula Ford driver Mike Breslin does what it says on the cover – and a lot more … Full of useful advice, information and anecdotes, it’s a must have for anyone who’s tempted to have a go at experiencing the thrill of handling a car at speed in relative safety.”

Dorset Echo


“Track days are great fun and can be a mind-blowing experience. Former racer Mike Breslin knows just how to get the best out of them – as he explains in his terrific new book … The Track Day Manual is written knowledgeably with everything the complete novice needs to know; but the book is also sufficiently detailed to appeal to the more experienced track day fan.”





Praise for The Unfair Advantage


“This is a pacy work of fiction which combines grand prix racing with a plot which features more twists than a hot lap around Monaco … Could establish Breslin as motorsport’s answer to Dick Francis.”

Motorsport News


“A good novel in estimation needs to pull the reader into a fascinating scene, illuminate interesting human characteristics in a new way and be full of interesting characters. A good novel involving racing needs to avoid the usual simplifications for the unknowledgeable. Mike Breslin’s The Unfair Advantage qualifies.

F1 racing in this novel is intense, fast paced, fascinating and the inside views as teammates struggle with the conflicting needs of themselves and the team, time proven human characteristics of ambition, greed, love, veniality and generosity are all on display. The lead character Eoghan Kinsella is developed enough to warrant a dinner invitation … The in-cockpit racing scenes are realistic and compelling.”

Victory Lane (USA)




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